Avenging Crusader and, glimmer of Light builds have significantly different priorities, we will list them separately.
Version.0.06 Minor additions When receiving an add-on message from a player with a higher version then you, you will be reminded to update your add-on.
Italian (it_IT re-enabled Latin American Spanish (es_MX) even though translation is missing.Otherwise, it would be unfair, as healers will not roll on items with Hit Rating (since they cannot benefit from them).Bug fixes Fury warriors will now be able to choose an off-hand weapon when they select a two-handed weapon in their main hand.DFixed an issue with lower raid tier items messing up which items appear in the item container dFixed an issue with items not being unregistered properly, resulting in unique items not appearing after removing them as BestInSlot items eFix for sub rogues and fury warriors.2019: Updated for Battle for Dazar'alor release.

Version.1.02 Minor additions Caster jewelry (trinkets, rings and necklaces) can now be chosen by healers.
The Elevated Lair Pauldrons are better than the Epaulets, as an iLevel 226 item, but they waste stats on mp5.
BBugfix for Guild BiS Lists giving an error on trying to close it without opening anything cBugfix for wands not being selectable anymore cBugfix for option screen spazzing out on custom UI scales dFix for instant animations in Manager not showing the items dFix for.
359 Cloudburst Cloak Heart of Wind ( Throne of the Four Winds ) 359 Drape of the Twins Theralion in The Bastion of Twilight and Valiona in The Bastion of Twilight 359 Haunt of Flies 1250 from Rugok (A/H) in Orgrimmar and Toren Landow (A/H).BestInSlot will no longer attempt to show Guild BiS information on items that are not part of BestInSlot (including custom items).AddOn Version for that patch.Russian, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese needs to be translated once more as decoding the old lua files is too much work.Shoulder, slot 1, slot 2, slot 3, slot.DADded an extra notice when users try to insert an item name in the custom item section Bug fixes Wands should no longer lock the off-hand icon Subtlety rogue's can now pick weapons other then daggers Non-officers can no longer attempt to report to the.Release.3.08, bug fixes, fixed the wrongly linked libraries, release.3.07.You will be able to select 'old' PvP tiers for 'new' PvP tiers, but you can't mixmatch PvP with PvE.384 Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation Occu'thar in Baradin Hold, 1650 from Big Zokk Torquewrench ffxiv exp bonus jobs (A/H) in Netherstorm and 1650 from Captain Dirgehammer (A/H) in Stormwind City and Knight-Lieutenant T'Maire Sydes (A/H) in Stormwind City 384 ergo come usare il bonus Seal of the Seven Signs Warlord Zon'ozz in Dragon.The T7 chest does have two sockets to the Chestplates one, adding greater flexibility, but it just doesnt hold.Bug fixes Fixed the error when trying to delete a character from a raid tier in the 'Guild BiS' page.Elevated Lair Pauldrons, from Malygos.Avenging Crusader build will be trinkets from the.The 'Guild BiS' page is taking over the duties of viewing a per player BestInSlot list.