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Desert Treasure* - Items Required; 650 coins, 12 Magic Logs, 6 Steel bars, 6 Molten Glass, Ashes, Charcoal, Blood rune, Bones, Chocolate Cake, Spiked Boots, Climbing boots, Lockpicks, Silver bar, Spice, Pestle and Mortar, Facemask, Tinderbox.
Average AS: Attack speed.6 seconds interval.
Max hit without sacrificing defense and other valuable combat skills will have a significant advantage.
Alternatively, you can cast 119,662 High level alchemy spells to reach 94 magic directly from level.Cast 32, wind Strikes to reach level 3 magic.The Tourist Trap* - Items Required; 4-5 Waterskins, Knife, Desert robes, 1-3 Bronze Bars, Hammer, 30-50 Feathers, 100 Coins.Provides no armour however.

color Really hope this guide helps people, I took information from 3-5 different sources plus my own knowledge.
Pirate Pete* - Items Required; Raw Cod get more than 1 encase you burn it, Pestle and Mortar, Knife, Fishbowl, Needle, 3 Bronze Wire.
Hello and welcome to my 1 Defence Pure guide, requested by 'Anomnomer'.
Shadow of the Storm* - Items Required;200 Coins, 1 Silver bar, Pestle and Mortar, vial, A black outfit of 3 Pieces, Silverlight.Fishing Contest* - Items Required; 10-15 Coins, 3 bait, Fishing rod, spade.Big Chompy Bird Hunting* - Items Required; Axe, 100 Feathers, Knife, Chisel.1 Sword, 1 arrowexcept ogre that you're willing to lose, 1 Molten Glass, Tinderbox, Hammer, 60 Steel nails, 2 Planks, 1 swamp Tar.Highly expensive hybrid gear.Cast 199, varrock Teleports to reach level 31 magic, cast 309.18 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 30 Ranged, 35 Woodcutting Reward1QP 1000 Crafting, Fletching, Slayer and Woodcut XP, and the Ava's Device.Contents show, training your magic, the first thing you should do is train your magic.30 Crafting Reward1QP Darklight Sword, 10k Exp in any combat skill other than prayer.Armor and Equipment - Best In Slot Best In Slot.

Tree Gnome Village* - Items Required; 6 Logs.
Because of this, most pures tend to train at the Rock crabs at Rellekka due to their low max hit and high.