Must be cooked while wearing the Dark Link costume at night.
110 Fruit Pie Wildberry Tabantha Wheat Cane Sugar Goat Butter 3 Swap Wildberry for other fruit (such as Palm Fruit) for different results.
Low-level High-level Use a Shard of a Dragon's Horn instead of the Monster Extract for a guaranteed high-level, 30 minute speed boost and 7 3/4 health recovery70 Dishes (Temporary Maximum Hearts) edit The following hearty foods are available, with their corresponding heart values (in order.
Let us gday casino 60 free spins take a closer look to every single Zelda themed amiibo released so far.
10 Simmered Fruit Apple 1 Use other fruits or more fruits to restore more hearts or add special effects.20 Steamed Meat Hyrule Herb Raw Meat 4 Use other or more Meat and Vegetables to increase hearts restored or give it a special effect.List of, zelda, amiibo Functions edit, zelda -themed Amiibos will summon special chests, some with exclusive equipment, plus a different variety of items that drop outside of the chest sometimes within barrels and crates.Daruk The Goron Champion amiibo will always summon a selection of assorted ores.3 Dishes (Restore Stamina) edit Food Ingredients Effect Notes Sell Price Enduring Fried Wild tv casino no deposit bonus Greens Endura Carrot Restore four hearts and overfill your stamina wheel.The first of each, added to any other ingredient, contributes a full heart, and every nut thereafter contributes 1/2 heart.30 Hearty Salmon Meuniére Hearty Salmon Tabantha Wheat Goat Butter Fully restore hearts 4 temporary maximum hearts 40 Hearty Steamed Meat Hearty Truffle Raw Prime Meat Hearty Radish Fully restore hearts 4 temporary maximum hearts 60 Hearty Steamed Meat Hearty Truffle x2 Raw Prime Meat.

It is accompanied by a miscellany of mushroom items.
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Was this guide helpful?Adding ingredients with the same effect can improve its potency and duration.The chest drops with barrels that once broken will drops Rupees and supplies.Very easy-to-locate recipe as Sunshrooms are plentiful around Retsam Forest near the Hateno Tech Lab.For example, Apples heal 1/2 heart, while Simmered Fruit heals 1 heart per Apple included.Hearty Blueshell Snail - 3 Hearty Radish - 3 Hearty Bass - 2 Hearty Truffle - 1 These ingredients can be combined in almost any fashion and their hearts will be added together.12 voergård slot middelalderdage Roasted Radish Hearty Radish 3 Open flame.Series Toon Link amiibo.FTC Disclosure for more information.Every additional Fairy, or any Fairy added to another recipe, adds 10 hearts.10 Energizing Fish and Mushroom Skewer Stamella Shroom Hyrule Bass Restore three hearts and refill some stamina.All the sell value comes from monster parts, so don't waste your time with fangs or teeth.

20 Salt-Grilled Fish Rock Salt Hyrule Bass 2 20 Salt-Grilled Mushrooms Hylian Shroom Rock Salt 1 Use different mushrooms for varying effects.
50 Enduring Meat Curry Endura Carrot Raw Meat Hylian Rice Goron Spice Restore eight hearts and overfill your stamina wheel.