Mobile Me Pictionary - Give each student 3 notecards.
My Timeline Students create multimedia timelines highlighting significant moments using a tool like Capzles or Popplet which both have free apps for i-devices.
Useful apps include, buddyPoke 3D Avatar Creator, Tellagami, Drawing Cartoons, Comics Head, and gday casino 60 free spins Friendstrip.
Each student spends about 30 seconds sharing a personal photo from a mobile device and the anecdote behind the photo.
Tackk, Educreations, Magic Paintbrush, or Sketchbook Express.Draw and Dash - Each student will need to use a piece of paper or a drawing app like Tackk, Educreations, Magic Paintbrush, or Sketchbook Express.Useful web tools include GoAnimate, Powtoons, Little Bird Tales, ToonDoo, and, makebeliefs Comix.Taking selfies is much easier with a selfie stick, but in case you dont have one, press the time delay in your camera settings to give you 3 or more seconds to prepare.Name a category like favorite dessert, cartoon, commandos 2 bonus mission 3 sports team and so forth for students to draw the answers to on their tablets.It lets people be creative productive learn things they didnt think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.Find several student examples here.Check out my course hashtag where my students share their work, m/hashtag/storytelling_intef!

Try any of these tools: Buncee, Tackk, Biteslides, Smore, Pinterest, Glogster, or Pic-Collage.
More Resources Find many more ideas, apps, and tools in my Pearltree bookmarks.
Animal Selfies Tumblr or the, selfie Animal Tips video.
Learning to Go also contains editable handouts and rubrics that are mobile-friendly.
Learners are shy about exposing themselves to peers, especially if they do not know them well.In the slide presentation below I share some digital icebreakers I have used with learners of various ages.This way you can facilitate and guide your students to make positive choices when they interact online.Many took their own selfies and selfies with others, including free online bingo number caller the Pope.Vision Boards - Students can use digital poster and scrapbook tools and apps to create goal collages and vision boards.

When you start the timer, one student chooses a card and draws the word(s) on the app.
The group tries to guess the answer and who it describes before the time runs out.
Show them the Animal Selfies Tumblr or the Selfie Animal Tips video.