Those of you are who are successful in the Guild Expeditions will benefit from a lot of Ritual Flames.
Military Unit Gives you a number of unattached military units every 24 hours, from the military buildings constructed in your city.
The Attack Bonus is nearly unlimited, and it can be increased by 30 in the Tavern and boosts from the Inventory.Depending on the building, you might get the following: Advanced Tactics Attack and defense bonus for units in both attacking and defending armies.Relics are very valuable and can appear in 3 different rarities.Even if you know you have comeon bonus saldo no chance to beat the attackers, there are some possibilities to hurt the attackers.Supplies An amount of supplies every 24 hours.Blueprint Boost Gives an increased chance of gaining blueprints while aiding.Helping Hands Chance of getting something extra when aiding other players.They hit up to 4 units.First of all you have to assign units to your city defense; otherwise it will consist of only 2 spear-fighters.You have to be particularly careful of the way Rogues are used by the AI: Rogues are powerful for an Attacking army.You can recieve goods from your current age, supplies, coins, medals, or even Diamonds.A Great Building must be connected by roads to provide benefits or to allow Forge Point contributions.

Plundering buildings after attacking another player.
However, the placed Great Building is level 0 and it does not give any bonus yet.
Medals An amount of medals every 24 hours.
Training Time 04:00:00, healing Time 0:24:00, contents show, description, the, conscript is the light unit of the Progressive Era.This is independent of your cities age.Raises the chance of obtaining a blueprint when aiding another player's city (manually motivating/polishing them also counts as aiding).Armored Car as long as it is placed in trenches.Of course the great buildings aren't just a waste of space, but grant powerful bonuses that grow with the building's level.Medals, happiness, lighthouse of Alexandria, goods, supply Boost.This space would be more beneficial for other buildings.You may now donate Forge Points, and also view which reward you will receive (if any) for your current donations.Therefore, it is very common that attacker do not have much more than 90 defense bonus, although some players are known to have as much as 200 attack bonus.

Once the Great Building's requirements have been met and the foundation laid, it will be level 0 and must be "leveled" to level 1 before granting benefits to the player.
To win a fight, your units do not only need to withstand your enemies attacks, but they need to destroy your attackers units which are likely to have a defense bonus of their own of at least.