Spoiler: Nagrand - Bonus Objectives (Level casino fun run 2017 results 98-100).
Penny From Heaven 93, just Another Stick in the Wall 93, your Base, Your Choice, supporting Your Garrison Lumber Mill 92 Tangleheart Complete all of 92 Lost Lumberjack Complete all of: 92 Lumber, I Hardly Knew 'Er / 92 Penny For Your Thoughts Sparring Arena.
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Name or, iD : Bonus Objective: Kill Ogron, objectives : ยป 6 x, bladespire Ogron slain.
The Gorgrond storyline is unique in that the decision of which building gets built at the player's Garrison outpost (either.Location: harpy town, reputation: -93.2, votes : 33 Topic locked Topic is closed, you cannot post any messages in it anymore Locked far cry 5 gold edition pre order bonus by PowerPhlo, 05 November 2017 17:21 - - - The time now is, 13:58:40 Copyright info Based on phpBB ro / com This.Previous: Frostfire Ridge storyline, Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe) storyline Next: Talador storyline.The tracking achievement for the Gorgrond storyline.If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with.93 Seeking the Scout / 93 Reagents from Rakthoth Complete both: 93 Shredder.93 Xuk It!click for more languages ).Spoiler: Shadowmoon Valley - Bonus Objectives (Level 90-92).

93 Rangari in the Red / 93 Skulltakers in Crimson Fen Complete all of: Complete both: Complete both: 93 Heart of the Fen Dionor's Demise Starting at level 93, the balance of power in the fight between the primal life led by the genesaurs and.
The lumber mill option will send players to the jungle overgrowth of southern Gorgrond, while the sparring arena option instead sends players to the brutal wastelands of northern Gorgrond.
Complete all of: 93 Eye in the Sky 93 Chains of Iron The Iron Approach After completing the "In the Land of Giants" chapter, the very next quest comprises the "The Iron Approach" chapter.
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Gorgrond zone map, the, gorgrond storyline is the level 92-94 level-up experience.Additionally, there are eight rare-elite mobs whose death is required for.Open to both sides: Lumber Mill only: Sparring Arena only: Crimson Fen A mysterious red fungus has taken over the Crimson Fen and scouting parties have been sent out to discover why.So, even if players pick the Sparring Arena, they still have the option to complete some quest objectives.Defeating each of them awards a trophy that can be turned in at the outpost.Bonus Objective: When you walk around a zone, new objectives might appear randomly in your quest list.Boulder Complete both: 93 Taking the Death Bloom 93 Laying Dionor to Rest Trophies of Glory Eight elite mobs are found all over Gorgrond.Felsong, players: 2120 (Record: 6162 uptime: 1h, 35m, 24s download client, latest fixes from bug report: Click here for more, quest.