With the next steps in this technology, you can receive additional bonus to norsk tipping no lotteri lotto planning, organization and additional attack factor against light units.
This is especially useful if you want to conquer a stronger nation.
Before you start your construction, it is a good idea to introduce initial variants of the technologies, which reduces time required to erect the first buildings.
Just like in the case of the previous one, you can gain additional slots to build factories.
The base coefficient of reliability of vehicles can also be modified in the course of production, but thanks to developing these technologies, you will receive a 15 bonus for all the units.In spite of that, it is a good idea to focus on development in this respect, because support battalions do not have any real offensive value, but thanks to using their specific properties, you can avoid sustaining damage on the frontline.Refit_ic_cost.4 Percentual (0.4 being 40) navy_refit_ic_cost Percentage change to a refit of navy groups.Thanks to this technology, you can boost base statistics of the majority of standard land units.War_support_weekly Gain in War support per week war_support_weekly.01 Percentual (0.01 being 1) Used in national spirits to reflect growth or reductions over time in War Support.Targeted_legitimacy_daily, same as legitimacy_daily but with a scope for TAG.The main goal of this one is to increase overall throughput of factories by coordinate activities of several factories in the region.

Used extensively in Vanilla for the Germany/ussr war and the China/Japan war.
0.10 Percentual (0.10 being 10) Requires TfV or DoD weekly_manpower Adds x to your manpower pool per week.
It may not be too useful at the beginning of the game, but with growth of global international frictions, it is a good idea to take it into consideration.
Unikatowe cechy dla Twojego państwa: Elastyczny system technologii zapewnia każdemu narodowi własną, odrębną map of poker tożsamość.However there are some tech that you may want to rush but comes with huge penalty like nuclear tech in the 1940s.This is especially useful in the case of deploying your units overseas, because the most difficult thing here is to define when your units will actually arrive in the enemy territory.And when I've done that planning when I've formulated my character sheet, as it were I have the utmost confidence that Hearts of Iron 4 will be ready for me to play a role in world affairs.First, you receive a division template.It should be noted that units of this type are much better in such conditions.Stability Defines - Can both be added as the negative effect (sub-50 Stability) or positive effect (pro-50 Stability).Master_ideology_drift Change in the puppets ideology per day.Military police is excellent for enacting marshal regulations and they often allow you to avoid bad news.Increase country legitimacy per day.

Will drift in the masters current ruling ideology.
Thanks to using signal battalions, you can avoid this type of situations.
Development of marines can be put off for later, if only you do not plan on conquering any overseas territories, because battalions of regular infantry will do much better.