Item Slot Usage Optimization, last Updated: September 30th 2016, in League of Legends, you can hold up to 6 items in your champion's item slots.
Don't get items that you would have to sell soon.
By default, items are bound to the following keys on your keyboard: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and.Too many champions are designed for pro play, gets nerfed because of pro play, gets unplayable reliably in SoloQ and sits in the gutter waiting to be balanced for pro play.Using an Active Item, items that can be activated will have a gold border around their icon in their Item Slot.This is to make sure that every hard earned gold is directly converted to power.To use an item, you can either left-click on its icon or press the hotkey associated with the Item Slot it occupies.Once purchased, the item will automatically be placed into one of your empty Item Slots.Comments, caps: "Everyone on G2 is very motivated willing to try out new things.Not sure if it was needing a quasi-manual "load" in game but it seems to work now. It already saved you enough gold after drinking just 2 charges.These are usually poka yoke examples in healthcare the cheap items such as and having them will greatly boost your early game power.So the main idea is to have no empty slots available at all times.

It should be only purchased if you are laning agaisnt ranged AP champions who harass a lot with autoattacks such as Lulu, Kayle, and Teemo.
Example: if you have 1400 gold on your first back, you buy instead.
Therefore, a player who has empty item slots will lose out on their early advantage by not purchasing these items.
Since most of the games end at this point, you should just get elixirs.
No matter how good your team synergy is, you won't make it very far up the ladder if you don't know how to use them.As mentioned in the, example of a Good Build Order, if you run out of item slots.Active ability will contain the phrases "Active "unique Active" or "Click to Consume" in their description. Otherwise is outclassed by most of the basic items is also an inferior item to melee champions especially for those that do not stack AD because they do not autoattack minions as much.You have now learned how to manage the item slots to optimize their usage.With those items, left-click your desired target after activating them.Some items require you to select a specific target for their abilities to work.Example: You have 800 gold.If one of your recipe items such as is worse than then you do not replace it is replaced by though since they are both worth 720 gold each.Doran's Items indeed have more powerful stats than basic items (but not so much anymore).

 This is because a champion who is mana hungry enough to buy buys mana items at a discount, making 154 mana from rather inefficient.
At first I thought it was because I had multiple items assigned to the same slot (I put potions and Zhonya #039;s both on 2 key but they are still registered in their slots I assigned them to in the item sets.