I am sure that this game is phenomenal, and keno resultat norge I am not criticizing this game or any part of either Lego Games or Marvel.
Furthermore, forget about connecting an external controller.
When on the Control Configuration page, I press a certain control, "A to Move Left" for example and would like to change.
The control will remain as "A to Move Left no matter what I do, what button I press, or how many times I repeat this.I advise anyone considering to buy this game to take what I am about to say into account: There is a software glitch, and through internet research I have concluded that I am not the only one experiencing this, far from it in fact.I believe this issue is the fault of Feral Interactive.This will not happen.When connected, the controller will read No Input, and when you attempt to add Inputs to each action, this will not happen either.I am only annoyed by this issue because according to Feral Interactive, my controller should be supported; I shouldnt have problems is what theyve essentially promised me, and yet, here.

PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS.
Im sure this game is great if you love the default controls, however, I am simply offering my personal word of advice.
The gaming controls are unable to be changed.
So, my warning is this: If you would love to play this game, I would recommend allocating your money towards buying a PS or XBox version as a means of getting a better overall gaming experience.
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