maplestory 2 reroll bonus stats

Weapons give weapon fragments, armor give armor fragments.
Even though it looks like you gain more Attack for investing in Critical Rate than your spilleautomat til salg main stat, this is incorrect.
Buy 570 gear score weapon from black market.Professions (preferably all, on at least your main; alts optional I dont do them).Depends on your class.Accessories follow the same rules as armor for everything except cost, requiring 5 Green Crystals instead of 1 Blue Crystals per attempt.For now, just use Offense Gemstone (Bonus Attack).These exact duplicates must have the same amount of sockets as the item you are trying to open the next socket.

Priest: Heal allies, buff ally damage.
Several different stat types can appear as Bonus Stats: STR, dEX, iNT, lUK, strdex.
Weapon Stats by Job, weapon Type by Brand, stat.
Use 7 ticket on level 48 top bottom (or a suit if you use that).
You only compete against players within your class.How do I get to 2100 gear score?Rebirth Flames work between.1-50 is considered an elongated tutorial, and stormheim bonus objectives locations all Hard Adventure Dungeons are a precursor to the future Chaos raids.Cape Stats Cape Rare Epic Unique Legendary Mythic Sirius Crit Rate.1.3??There may be certain exceptions to this rule such as the Scarlet Shoulders, which are able to receive Bonus Stats.That is when main stat gemstones become more reliable.It is meant to allow new players an opportunity to learn the game before competitive content is implemented.The 10-Player Dungeon Meter only works in 10-man content, obviously.