But because he marks his entries, he marked them with the same numbers that came out of the barrel tonight which meant he won division one twice.
The man said he would need to think carefully about what.
Oz Lotto spokeswoman Bronwyn Spence told the Age : When we reached out to the division one winner from poke generations techit Melbourne to let him know hed won this massive prize he was completely oblivious to the fact hed won not once, but twice.A Melbourne man says he will think about retiring after winning 46m in Oz Lotto.This changes things, but well keep travelling.Im walking out right now.The man had knocked off work when he discovered his unusual win.Im walking out of here.I cant believe it I just finished work for the night.Talk to our support team, got a question about Oz Lotteries?He planned to down tools indefinitely.An Australian man is busy counting more than 46m (US33m) after winning division one in Oz Lotto twice.

The jackpot swelled for the seventh week in a row after no one picked the winning numbers in last Tuesdays 50 million draw.
193, Closes 17 Jun.
To win the top prize, players must pick all seven winning numbers.
A winning wash, a family from regional Victoria looked forward to putting on their next load of whites after winning 35 million in Oz Lotto in August casino bonus sms 2018.
First maybe a new home or a holiday.Anywhere in the world I can fish, thats where youll find me, he said.283, Closes 26 Jun.We are going to get a new washing machine, one of the family members said.A Victorian man is almost 50 million richer after he accidentally purchased two Oz Lotto tickets with the same numbers that then went on to win the division one Jackpot.The third ticket was bought in Hobart by an unregistered player, meaning lottery officials have no way to contact the ticketholder and must wait for them to check their ticket and discover the win for themselves.I just checked my entry online and I think I know what youre about to tell.You may not think its possible that you could be the division one winner were searching for, but if you purchased an unregistered entry in this weeks Oz Lotto draw that you havent checked yet, youre in with a chance.Weve been travelling for a while.For many, this is a new home for their family and never working again, while for others it can be something as simple as a new washing machine, a cleaner for their new home, or even a haircut.