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Spent the past week watching hours on hours of SM64 speedruns and now I just want to share my sadness 203 8 comments, retrothon 2019 begins when this thread is 3 hours old.
Over 200 Speedruns featuring some of the best runners in the retro community.
298 19 comments, celeste Any WR : 27:50 by TGH.A Short Hike Speedrun (Any) 3:30.832 (World Record) 51 3 comments, im not sure if this has been found, but my friend (u/ZblackthunderZ) was having - casual run of Hello Neighbor and he managed to skip an act by accident by doing a skip.67 7 online casino reviews 2017 comments, wR Borderlands 2 Co-op All Quests 2:35:28 by amyrlinn, Shockwve, TheFuncannon.Wii in 24:29 by FadeVanity 36 8 comments.4, the uksm Insomnia Marathon Is Live With Speedrun Tutorials - Raising Money For Special Effect 59 4 comments, wR MonStahLer smashes Hollow Knight 106 record by 3m49s (2:32:10).

Super Mario Bros Any WR Speedrun 1 and 2 at the same time.
(Trailer, Schedule and Stream link inside) 127 2 comments, wR New Super Mario Bros.
Im not sure if this has been found.
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