Town Achievements Gofer (Complete 10 "Help Wanted" requests) A Big Help (Complete 40 "Help Wanted" requests) Protector of the Valley (Complete all of the Adventure Guild Monster Slayer goals) In front of Pierre's shop is a bulletin board.
Skull Key Local Legend Restore the Pelican Town Community Center.
If you own the Steam version, Achievements are displayed in Steam as well, including some extra achievements.I don't believe they are tracked between all players though.Chicken Mask Polyculture Ship 15 of each crop.As long as you keep playing, you'll complete them.Clicking the mouse raises the bar immediately, it takes a while for the bar to go down, though.

There is 1 guide Unlocked by 12,580 tracked gamers (76 - TA Ratio.14) Upgrade your house to the maximum size.
You may have noticed a couple of very small additional updates recently (after the.3.36).
Changelog: *Added French, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, and hud party poker wrong stats Turkish language support *Fixes bug where giving a gift to an NPC caused the gift action to happen twice in rapid succession *Fixes furniture rotation bug for "stools" *Fixes morning music not being played correctly pay by mobile casino boku spoiler) Fixes Junimos.
See ( note below) Cowpoke Hat Monoculture Ship 300 of one crop.Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms.Mouse Ears The Beloved Farmer Reach a 10-heart friendship level with 8 people.Old and run-down, the community center is inhabited by magical creatures, and it is the source of all your town improvements. .Those are just some basic tips to follow.As you and your character gain more experience, fishing will become best in slot range pure a lot easier.It airs every Sunday and re-runs on Wednesday.There are no guides Unlocked by 11,018 tracked gamers (67 - TA Ratio.22) Artisan 35 (20) Craft 30 different items.Draft saved draft discarded, sign up or log.12 (10) Craft 15 different items.