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But after that, no news storiesgood or badhave come out about the Butlers.
If you're wondering how she did it, Stafford bought tickets just a couple of times a month, and she picked whichever numbers bingo ranch harlingen came into her head at the moment.
As if that werent enough, Christine and Colin Weir have also been active in national politics.The other winners were a group who called themselves The Three Amigos and an anonymous individual.Heres what we do know: The winner bought their lucky ticket in Simpsonville, South Carolina.In all of these cases, more money means more problems.Theyre probably tired of all the strangers and long lost relatives asking for a handout!One things for sure though: thanks to her persistence, her children wont have to worry about money!

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This happened way back in March 30, 2012, and produced three winning tickets.
It provided children a low-cost place to go in the summer where they could horseback ride, craft, swim, and play on the lake.Although it's tempting to shout your news to the world, as soon as people hear that you're about to become a multi-millionaire, you become a target.31 million, you cant buy happiness, billie Bob Harrell.Who wants to risk winning.Michael Carroll had much bigger plans for his 15 million jackpot, when he won a British lottery jackpot in 2002.