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5(smc204) 9(smc640) 1(smc068) Our pasakay for next draw 02468 4pm result 9 6 1( 6 from smc pasakay) 9(smc640) 6(smc913) 1(smc068) Our pasakay for next draw pm result 64 2( 64 from our smc pasakay 11am draw) 6(smc913) 4(smc795) 2(smc577) Our pasakay for next draw.
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Sali na, dRAW date: April 14, 2019, april 15, 2019, lotto game.
Lets unite together to help people by sharing our winning number by computations, analysis, guides stardew valley casino achievmenet or swertres hearing numbers.Stop negative issues about pcso.This game is played 3 times a day with 5 hours interval between draws.No one knows what will be the winning numbers.Each of the 120 Singles combination can be drawn in 6 different ways.Pcso always promotes clean and honest lotto draw ga m es for fair winning results.As they always say before the live draw Games are computer-generated, no human intervention.Even if a person loses everyday, he never stops playing.Results, results, swertres Lotto 11AM, swertres Lotto 4PM, swertres Lotto 9PM, lottos schedule, swertres results 2019.First swertres draw is held everyday at 11am, then 4pm and 5 hours later, the last draw is played at 9pm.They can stick with their number combination for weeks.

Tips in Swertres Simply select your lucky numbers and play it your way, three (3) times a day.
Millions of people in the Philippines have been addicted to Swertres Result, a 3-Digit lottery game hosted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or pcso.
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There are only 220 combinations to worry about swertres numbers 120 Singles, 90 Doubles and 10 Triples if want to play via rambolito.
Matching all your numbers with the winning combination in exact order gives you PHP 4,500.00 for every PHP.00 play(pcso authorized outlets).So there are only 10 x 1 possible outcomes when a triple is drawn.Swertres players get so ecstatic when at least 2 of their combinations come up in the results.Philippine health care, guide 1, monday 4-6-5, tuesday 6-0-3.Each of the 90 Doubles combinations can be drawn in 3 different ways.Its all about luck!This is exactly the reason why a lot of people have been playing the Swertres Lotto for a very long time now.

Sunday 1-6-3, guide 2, m- 2-9-0, t- 0-2-9.