A typical scenario is when the emails are sent to staff of a multinational corporation with offices/branches throughout the world using their work email address.
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Vip Cont: Thai Lottery Live Result 16/ 04 / 2019,000 special VIP 1000WIN WIN Vip Cont: Vip Cont: only VIP TIP NON MIS 10000 WIN Single Digit 500,riyals, full Games Set And Down 2000,riyals, cont me : Win.So they ask for the target's personal banking details to allow the "prize" to be sent and (of course) they will trust the target will pass it on to their employers.For example, the prize recipient is encouraged to spend as much as 30 times the prize money in order to receive the prize itself.But if you want to win Thai.

6 Blackmail variation edit This variation relies on the target agreeing to accept a sum of money that they know that they are not entitled to and then, when they refuse to pay the advance fee, the scammers then threaten to report them unless blackmail.
This type of scam is legal in many jurisdictions.
Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: with Serial number 5368/02 drew the lucky numbers:, which subsequently won you the lottery in the 2nd category.
The lottery is drawn on the first and the sixteenth of every month.
Outlook, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Live, MSN, Gmail etc.Wikipedia, agency texas holdem online fre executive: Maj Gen Chalongrat Nakartit, Director-General.Pokdeng, hi-Lo, red - Yellow, red - Twin - Yellow, gum tua.This immediately makes the target vulnerable to a phishing attack but, more significantly, to blackmail attempts.This is simply another invention by the scammer to make the victims believe that they have won.Thai Lottery, Easy To Play, Easy To Rich.As you know we update our website on each Thai lottery result session.

This promotion takes place annually.
Scam lottery emails will nearly always come from free email accounts such.
For example, some scams by letter misuse the names of the legal Spanish lotteries, such as El Gordo de la Primitiva.