One over card.
On the pok map pic other hand im kinda hoping that there might be games where the inventors havent thought it all the way through.
Preflop: same as Wizard of Odds The reason 22 is not included is because it loses to any over pair, but also will lose the ante bet, whereas there is about a 9 chance that the 33 will win the additional ante bet.
For example if i 4x when they have A7, but the flop pairs one of their cards, they give me the word and i automatically take 2x the action.There are 169 possible combinations for the first round.Any ten 1 over.Ninehigh99, 11:43 AM # 21 ninehigh99 newbie Join Date: Jul 2009 Posts: 33 Re: My road to beating ultimate texas holdem Or, if you have a Mac, I can give you the binary executable.Note : If youre dealt a pair in the hole, always Raise pre-flop unless theyre 2s (Raise after flop if 2s).Watch me play using the optimal playing strategy for Live Ultimate Texas Holdem.7 needs 4 overs, iF board pairs: all kings unless 1 card to flush all queens except 1c to flush unless 2 overs, 2c to flush is close.If you want my program, I'll give it to you, and you can look further into possible river exploits.

1 standard 52-card deck I used, reshuffled after every hand.
I'm very aware casino games for the most part can't be beat.
Therefore youll need a completely different Ultimate Texas Holdem strategy to win more often.Heres a quick rundown of game play.If you want more detailed information then refer to the research.The first thing you need to know is that theres a big difference between.WoO claims that he cant come up with a optimal strategy for all streets since his computer "solved" the game using brute force going over all possible outcomes.