You have "crippled the deck" when you flop a very strong hand, but it is very unlikely global poker league that your opponents got any piece.
Donk being short for Donkey.
It's really a double entendre, the hidden meaning being "lick her in the front, poke her in the back".Thesaurus: synonyms and related words "raise" in American English raise verb, t (develop) raise verb, t (bring about) raise noun, c (something becoming bigger) an increase in the amount money you earn : She asked her boss for a raise.If you find that this article has skipped a few steps for you, click here to learn about the flop turn and river.A check mark is a mark placed against an item in a list confirming that it has been done.Your opponent has now had their money 'trapped' in the pot because they will now have to call your raise to see the next card, which is something that they didn't expect to happen when they decided to bet out.If for instance the CAP is 50, then no more then 50 per player can be bet in one round.Folding, folding is the act of ending participation in a hand.This is called a check raise.In poker games with blinds, 'chopping the blinds' is a custom that can happen when all other players fold to the blinds before the flop.

A certain area of a ladys body that in the songs video, Lady Gaga points to just as she says "muffin".
Elsewhere it is spelled cheque.
Many new players say 'raise' mistakenly in this situation, where the standard should be to say 'bet' or 'open.' Players that open will subsequently be faced with either a call, raise or folds from the other players at the table.It is a song but then a poker face is when you play poker you have to put your "poker face" on so noone knows knows you have bad or good cards.A Mississippi straddle buys last action before the flop.Have a good think before using.Well, the normal expression is really "Liquor in the front, poker in the back".So you give your cards back to the card guy and then you just wait until that round is over.( Full Answer that means, to give.

See the Church of Texas Holdem's poker school for more.
( Full Answer bluffing with your muffin simply means your boyfriend or a guy you really like is making you blush because he is flirting with you.
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