Prior to the 1970 changes, there was no system to determine the order of call by ageeveryone between 18 and 26 was vulnerable to being drafted.
A somber-looking official sat at a small table cloaked with black fabric, ready for the lottery ceremony to begin.
If he was fit for service, but did not want to go to war, he had 10 days to file a claim for exemption, postponement or deferment.
Those with numbers in the middle, however, had to stand by and watch the tally of numbers rise month by month as draft"s were met.
There are, after all, people who win columns bingo cheltenham big money.The Order to Report for Induction letter was the official notification that an individual was drafted.He then flunked his physicalhe swears unintentionally!So what are your odds of winning the jackpot?The night before my physical, I weighed 127, but was very concerned I would be inducted, so I went to a health club and sat in a steam room off and on for hours.At least I didnt have to wonder what to do, as some of my friends had to with numbers around 180.

The broadcast of the event was carried live over the radio and on CBS.
Author Wes Abneys birthday was picked.
He invites draft lottery participants to add their memories at: m, sponsored Content.
Probability casino pa nett vendor license studies of the 1970 lottery results indicated that the selection process was not entirely random as intendedbirth dates occurring later in the year were disproportionately likely to be chosen early.For the millions of young men and their families watching on TV or listening over the radio, it was the one time they instinctively didnt want to have the lucky number.But mentally he was never the samehe simply stopped writing and disappeared.Listen, a lottery is a gambling game that's used to raise money.Tucked inside was a birth date that would be read aloud and assigned its lottery number, starting with.No matter your budget, we got you covered.That's right 1 in almost 176 million!Congress tropica casino budapest post birth dates in ascending order, as they are drawn in the first Vietnam-era draft lottery at Selective Service headquarters in Washington.