Island Lobster Shirt note 8 1 Heat Resistance The Hero enkelt kortspill for 2 of frederiksborg slot hillerød 3400 hillerød Winds once wore this shirt on the quaint island he called home.
Topaz Earrings 3 Shock Resistance Earrings made mr win bonus code no deposit by Gerudo craft workers.
Armor that have each been enhanced at least twice.
Unlike shields, armor never breaks and the bonuses it bestows upon you are permanent.
Sell Price: 375 rupees.Opal Earrings 3 Swim Speed Up Earrings sold at Gerudo jewelry shops.Radiant Shirt 3 Stal Lure This shirt is sold at the Gerudo Secret Club.Series Link amiibo or The Legend of Zelda series Twilight Princess -style Link amiibo.0.1.2 Obtained randomly from the Treasure Chest dropped by scanning The Legend of Zelda series Majora's Mask -style Link amiibo.

They're made from noise-suppressing cloth, a hallmark of ancient Sheikah technology.
Armor are pieces of clothing and protective covering that.
Obtained from a Treasure Chest that appears after purchasing the Expansion Pass References.
This piece looks just like the armor they supposedly wore.
Tingle's Hood note 7 2 There was once a man who claimed to be the very reincarnation of a fairy.Hylian Trousers 3 Traditional dress trousers of Hyrule.Set Bonuses are effects given.These earrings are made with amber, a gem that harnesses the power of the land to increase defense when equipped.Obtained randomly from the Treasure Chest dropped by scanning Breath of the Wild series Mipha amiibo.Body Gear Armor Defense Effect Description Ancient Cuirass 4 Guardian Resist This armor was created by ancient Sheikah technology using Guardian parts.Its light-yet-sturdy fabric doesn't limit movement.Trousers of the Sky note 3 3 Legends say these trousers were once worn by a hero who appeared from the sky riding a mighty bird.It's made from something called "rubber a material that can no longer be found.The insides are lined with cozy wolf fur.Defense: 18, level 4: Required Materials: 10 Diamonds, 1 Star Fragment.Royal Guard Cap note 8 4 This spiffy cap is part of the uniform for Hyrule's Royal Guard.Attack Up A helmet once worn by the warriors of an ancient warlike tribe from the Faron region.Bokoblin Mask 3 Bokoblin Disguise Kilton's handmade Bokoblin headgear.The drawback to this is that some individual pieces of armor, when worn, will prevent you from equiping a piece of an armor set, making it to where you don't get the bonus from wearing the full set.

Stealth Chest Guard 2 Stealth Up Armor designed for stealth, passed down through the Sheikah tribe.